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  • Lacuna Coil
    • A gothic metal band hailing from Italy, before you blow them off give them a chance. They really are talented and not  "dark" and "evil" like you would expect them to be for their genre. Oh, and for the record Evanescence is another Lacuna Coil, not the other way around - just in case there's any confusion. Lacuna Coil have a lot of great songs, but check out "My Wings", "Veins of Glass", "Hyperfast", "Circle", "1.19", "Stars", "Swamped" or "Heaven's a Lie" for a few samples.

  • Celldweller
    • Metal/Trance/Electronica artists who in my opinion are on the leading edge of the Rock/Metal seen (it also helps that their lead guitarist/backup vocalist (Dale Van Norman) is my cousin's friend). Seriously though, their ability to fuse three genres together still leaves me astounded. Check out their songs "Switchback", "Frozen", "Stay With Me (Unlikely)" or "I Believe You" for some examples.

  • Trapt
    • One of the newer rock bands out there, able to differentiate themselves from the rest with a rather unique sound (Well, at least in their first album). Their second album isn't quite as good, but has it's high points. Check out the songs "Headstrong", "Echo", "Disconnected (Out of Touch)", "Promise", "These Walls", "Lost Realist" or "Stories".

  • Group X
    • Arabian Rap Sensations from Cramshananteen, Saudi Arabia (not really). Goofy stuff. Probably their most popular song is their rendition of the Super Mario Brothers theme song, titled "Mario Twins". Also check out "I Just Want (Bang Bang Bang)", "Schfifty-Five", "Come Arabian" and "Don't Touch That".

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